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Heart of Onion

Heart of Onion
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Heart of Onion, We cannot judge a person by his/her appearance. We never know how hard a person is trying to keep a diet or to eat or dink healthy with our recipes. These are the reasons I provide motivating stories that might shape your minds.

There was once an orchard full of vegetables, fruit trees and all kinds of plants. Like all the orchards, it had a lot of freshness and pleasantness. That’s why it was nice to sit in the shade of any tree to contemplate all that greenness and hear the birds singing.

One day, special onions were born. Each one had a different color: red, yellow, blue, green … The fact is that the colors were so dazzling that they all called attention and wanted to know the cause of such a mysterious glow.

After great researches they managed to discover that each onion had within it, in the same heart, a precious stone. One had an emerald, the other a ruby, the other a topaz, and so on.

A real wonder!

But for some incomprehensible reason, this was seen as dangerous and intolerable. Total that the beautiful onions had to begin to hide their precious and intimate stone. They put layers and more layers to cover it, to hide what they were inside.

Some onions had so many layers that they no longer remembered how beautiful they hid underneath.

Some of them did not remember why the first layers had been laid.
Little by little they became common onions, without that special charm they had.

One day she passed by a girl who liked to sit in the shade of the garden. His innocence allowed him to discover what was deep in the onions and to understand their language. He began to ask each one: Why are not you on the outside as you are inside?

And they were saying, “They forced me to be like that. I was wearing layers. I myself put some layers to hide my precious stone. ”

Before these answers, the wise sad and began to cry. Since then everyone cries when an onion opens our hearts.

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