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Like the pencil ( a story to shape your own life)

Like the pencil ( a story to shape your own life)
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Like the pencil  a story that will shape your own life beside our healthy recipes provided in our website.

One day, the little boy saw the grand parent write a letter. At one point, I ask you:

Grandpa, are you writing a story that happened to us both? Is it by chance a story about me?

Grandfather stopped writing, smiled and said to his grandson, I’m writing about you, it’s true. However, more important than words, is the pencil that I am using.

I wish you were like him when you grow up.

The grandson looked at the pencil intrigued, and saw nothing special in it, and asked:

What’s so special about that pencil?

Grandfather replied:

It all depends on the way you look at things. There are five qualities in it that, if you succeed in maintaining them, will always make you a person at peace with the world.

First quality:

You can do great things, but never forget that there is a hand that guides your steps. This hand we call God, and He will always lead you in the direction of His will.

Second quality:

From time to time you need to leave what you are writing and use the pencil sharpener.
That makes the pen suffer a little, but in the end, it will be sharper. Therefore, you must be able to endure some pains, because they will make you better person.

Third quality:

The pencil always allows us to use a rubber to erase what is wrong.
He understands that correcting something we have done is not necessarily a bad thing, but something important to keep us on the path of justice.

Fourth quality:

What really matters in the pencil is not the wood or its outer shape, but the graphite inside. Therefore, always take care of what happens inside you.

Fifth quality:

Always leave a mark. In the same way, you must know that everything you do in life, will leave strokes. So try to be aware of each action.

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