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Share the Seed

Share the Seed
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Share the Seed, we can change other people lives by providing positive things to the people around us, which also can benefit us in so many ways.

A man had a crop of stupendous flowers; Every day hundreds of packages came out of their crop to sell to the city with the most beautiful and fragrant flowers that no one could know.

This gentleman year by year won the prize for the biggest flowers and of better quality and as was to be expected was the admiration of all in the region; One day a journalist from a television channel came to ask him the secret of his success, to which the man replied:

– My success is due to the fact that from each crop I sow the best seeds and share them with my neighbors, so that they also sow them.

“How?” Replied the journalist, “but that’s crazy, is not he afraid his neighbors will become famous like you and take away his importance?”

The man said: – I do it because to have them good seeded the wind will return to my crop good seeds and the harvest will be greater; If I did not, they would sow seeds of poor quality that the wind would bring to my crop and cross the seeds, making my flowers of poor quality.

It is necessary to share our best seeds of qualities and virtues in order to obtain an excellent harvest of a better society.

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