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The Fate II

The Fate II
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The Fate II, even we shaping our life with the delicious recipes provided, we cannot be so selfish in life, we have to give opportunities to others that can benefits us without the intention of knowing it might ¬†happen that way. Let’s hear the story.

Antonio, a father of a family, one day, when he returned from work, he found a traffic jam of infernal traffic and noticed that a gentleman was driving hastily, cutting off all that he could when trying to break through the vehicles. As he approached Antonio’s carriage, it went through so abruptly that a collision occurred. At that moment, Antonio wanted to insult him and stop him, but then he thought:

– The poor! He is so nervous and in a hurry … God will know if he has a serious problem and needs to get to his destination as soon as possible!

With these thoughts, he completely stopped his car and let it pass. Arriving home, Antonio received the news that his three-year-old son had suffered a serious accident and had been taken to the hospital by his wife. Immediately he went to the hospital; When he arrived, his wife rushed into his arms and reassured him by saying:

– Thank God everything is fine. The doctor arrived just in time to save our son’s life; Is already out of danger.

Relieved, Antonio asked to speak with the doctor to thank him. What would not be her surprise when she saw that the doctor was that nervous and hurried man who had given way almost an hour earlier.

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