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The Sunrises vs The Sunsets

The Sunrises vs The Sunsets
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Which one you preferred according to this beautiful short story?

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The sun said goodbye to the Tré Empire. The vassal walked beside the old woman of the yellow mill. They were talking about life.

“What do you like most about life, old lady?”

The old lady in the yellow mill was busy casting her eyes toward the sunset.

“The sunsets,” he replied.

The vassal asked, confused:

“Do not you like sunrises any more?” See, I have seen nothing more beautiful than the sunrise there, behind the green hills of Tré.

And reaffirming himself, he exclaimed:

-You know? I prefer the sunrises.

The old woman left the basket of spikes on the floor that her wrinkled hands carried. Turning to the vassal, in a sweet, conciliatory voice, he said:

– The sunrises are beautiful, yes. But the sunsets tell me more.

These are times when I like to think and think a lot. These are moments that tell me things about myself.

-Things? Of yourself …? Inquired the vassal. She did not know what the old lady was talking about.

Before closing the door of the yellow mill, the old woman added:

– Clear. Life is like a dawn to young people like you. For old people, like me, it’s a beautiful sunset. What at the beginning is precious, in the end becomes fully beautiful. That’s why I prefer the sunsets … – look!

The old woman pointed her hand toward the horizon. The sun went down and a warm pink color spread all over the sky of the Tré Empire. The vassal was silent. He was absorbed in so much beauty.

Life is an instant that passes and does not return. It begins with a fresh dawn; And as a serene sunset we are gone. It depends on us that the sun of our life, when you say goodbye to heaven called “history”, colored with beautiful colors your farewell. Colors that are the beautiful memories that keep us from the people who lived next to us.

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