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The Tree of the Trouble

The Tree of the Trouble
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The Tree of Trouble

I am providing you this beautiful story with the purpose of improving your life by eating healthy with our recipes, and leaving your problems on the side, and concentrating more on yourself, and your people whose are around you, and loves you.

The most important thing in this life is to take a break form your own problems, not to grow them, but to solve them with more tranquility.

The carpenter who had hired me to help repair an old farmhouse had just finished a hard first day of work. His electric cutter was damaged and made him lose an hour of work and now his old truck refuses to boot.

As he brought home, he sat in silence. Once we arrived, I invited to meet his family. As we headed for the door, he paused for a moment in front of a small tree, touching the ends of the branches with both hands.

When the door was opened a great transformation happened. His tanned face was full of smiles. He hugged his two little children and kissed his wife.

Later he accompanied me to the car. As we passed the tree, I was curious and asked about what I had seen him do a while ago.

“Oh, that’s my problem tree,” he replied.

“I know that I can not avoid having problems at work, but one thing is for sure: problems do not belong in the house, or my wife, or my children, so I just hang them in the tree every night when I get to Then I pick them up again in the morning. ”

“The fun is,” he said smiling, “that when I go out in the morning to pick them up, there are not as many as I remember hanging the night before.”

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